Legend Of Mir 3 won the award in 2002 and 2003 for the most online players in China.

Like its predecessor The Legend of Mir 2, The Legend of Mir 3 is hugely popular in China and South Korea. It has been certified by the Guinness Book of Records for having 750,000 subscribers online simultaneously.

There are 3 different classes to pick from. Taoists, Warriors and Wizards.

The Taoist is a support class. Similar to a priest, the taoist can heal and bless. Healing is one very important aspect of the game. Taoists throw talismans and poison. They focus on two key elements, Holy and Dark. They can summon pets such as the 'shinsu' or 'bone familiar'

The warrior is a straight forward basic class. Warrior uses 'DC' [Damage Class(melee attack)] to kill the enemy. They have high HP (health points), high AC ("Armour Class" Defense from melee attacks) and have very little MP (Mana points) and low MR (Magic Resistance).

The Wizard can be a bit tricky at first. They use magic attacks such as "Frozen Earth" or "Ice Blades". They use 'MC' [Magic Charm (Ranged Magic)]. They have a wide variety of elements to choose from and use on their opponents or monsters. Elemental weaknesses are key to wizards.

Avenge Mir3 has a unique PVP system along with many new updates such as new spells, Quests, Dungeons and more. Updates are made on a regular basis.

You can play for 100% free at http://masterq.avengemir3.com